All About Acrylic Mirror Care and Maintenance

The surface of the mirror is made up of several separate layers, including a reflective layer or coating, a clear coat layer and an outer layer. These all have to be cleaned on a regular basis, but it’s not as easy as you might think. While you could use a regular household cleaner on your glass (dishwashing soap is actually one of the recommended cleaners), it isn’t really strong enough for this job.


Acrylic Surface Cleaner. Readily available in many supermarkets, hardware stores and paint stores, this product is a mild soap that’s designed to safely clean the surface of your mirrors. With the proper care, the mirror should last for countless years.


Chemical Surfactants. This set of cleaners contain a surfactant (detergent like substance) that’s sprayed into an air stream and lightly spreads over all parts of the surface. This gives you a quick and effective way to clean your mirrors without using harsh chemicals.


Silver/Polish Remover. These cleaners are designed specifically for glass surfaces, though they’re also safe on mirrors. They contain a mild soap that breaks up grease and other stains. These cleaners also remove minor scratches and polish up your mirrors as you go.


Oil Remover. This is another one of those products made for glass surfaces, though it’s safe to use on mirrors as well. It’s designed for removing fingerprints and smudges from the mirror’s surface. Since oil is a common grease found in the pockets of your vehicle, you can easily use this on older cars that have not been waxed or cleaned since purchase.


Glass Cleaner. This is one of the most widely available and affordable products for cleaning surfaces. It’s safe on mirrors and also works on other surfaces such as counters, tabletops and stainless steel.


Cleaning Cloths. One of the cheapest methods of cleaning your mirrors is to use a microfiber cloth. These are made with special fibers that are incredibly soft, yet tough enough to effectively clean all kinds of surfaces. They’re also very absorbent so you can use several at a time with each one getting a full scrubbing experience.


Safe Glass Cleaner. This product will work best for mirrors that are kept in storage or in the passenger area of your vehicle where no action could damage them (such as the back windows). Since we don’t want those to become dirty, all you need to do is use this product on a regular basis.


Dry Cloths. These are basically microfiber cloths that are designed to be used only with a liquid cleaner, such as glass and mirror cleaners. They’re perfect for removing stubborn stains and other types of grime that would otherwise take much longer to remove.


Microfiber Cloths. These are one of the best methods of getting into tiny spaces where dust and dirt are hiding, including your mirrors. They’re also extremely absorbent so you can use several at a time on each section and get the cleanest results possible.


Bottom line

You can safely use a mild soap on you mirrors, but they still need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For best results, use the proper products to effectively clean them.