About us

The success of any relationship is largely dependent on trust. And what better way to get started than to tell you a little about our company’s history, where it is today and where we’d like to see it in the future.

When Gerald and Dustin first conceived the idea of Bentley Homes, it wasn’t an endeavour they would rush or take lightly. Perfectionism, much like a perfectionist, demands time, patience and attention to detail. Gerald and Dustin are no exception. Combining Gerald’s strong engineering and financial background with Dustin’s extensive construction and management skill set, they set about building the infrastructure that would lead to their first and hard earned building contract. The idea was to focus on one home in order to get every detail just right. That meant not only focusing on the actual construction but also setting the standard in client service. Their objective was to become as intimate as possible with every aspect of the home building process in order to ensure more successful builds in the future. And successful they were. Over the next five years, Bentley Homes saw a large increase in clients. A strong reputation had been built with existing clients that had naturally spread to friends and family alike. “Do it right…” Gerald says. “Give people the attention you’d give yourself and it won’t just be about the home. It’ll be about the experience. People won’t always remember what you do or say but they’ll definitely remember how you make them feel. It just so happens we build them a beautiful home so they’ll always remember.”

Today, Bentley Homes has established itself as one of the leading custom home building companies in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. “I’m excited about this every day,” says Dustin. “It’s a thrill to wake up and know that we’re building homes which wil be around for generations of families to enjoy. It’s an unparralleled sense of satisfaction.” And the company is constantly growing and evolving. We work intimately with our clients to design homes which reflect their lifestyles and taste to ensure they will build a home they will enjoy for years to come. Our goal is to never be sitting still or get too comfortable. We continue to refine our designs, streamline our construction process and substantiate our committment to a superiour building experience that our clients deserve.

Bentley Homes is also mindful of the future. We’re always attentive to upcoming trends and market conditions. This allows us to be ready to provide answers to questions before they arise. We’re also dedicated to setting the new standard of home building and client services. We want to be your first and only choice when considering a custom built home. We’re looking forward to meeting you!